Insight Sells

Building relationships with customers who know your worth.


Our agents use client products and services. That way, they sell with firsthand knowledge and insight.

  • Inbound

    Capture more sales, increase revenue with agents specializing in your industry and business.

  • Outbound

    Turn to us for lead generation, transaction processing, upselling and cross-selling.

  • Special Programs

    Tap our sales expertise to maximize revenue for unique customer segments.

Accelerating Growth

  • Drive Sales

    • Maximize high-volume events
    • Increase close rates by 30%
    • Extend add-on sales by 20%
  • Acquire + Retain

    • Generate leads through data mining
    • Reap more with business intelligence
    • Retain customers with “save” strategies
  • Up Performance

    • Dedicate agents to preferred customers
    • Test new product and service segments
    • Grow new business while serving the old

I do. She did.

Agent Jaimee saved a customer—and a wedding—with a pair of pink pumps shipped just in time.

Agent Profile
Client Success

Double-Play Payoff

A FORTUNE 500 supplier of office products and services needed sales specialists to provide premiere service for newly acquired, higher-end products and customers. All while in the midst of a cost-cutting environment.

Working Solutions designed a comprehensive offering, combining industry experts with time-saving technology. The solution eliminated costly operational upgrades and training expense while increasing sales and the client’s bottom line.

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  • Increased average order value $22 per call.

  • Produced $88 million additional top-line revenue.

  • Reduced call-center operating expenses by 24%.

Keep your business profitable in peak seasons